The most important feature of pearlescent masterbatches is their ability to preserve a large grain diameter while giving a brilliant shine. These properties are impossible to achieve with solid masterbatches. Although this feature can be achieved, this type of pigment is not guaranteed to deliver the above performance. So, it is advisable to choose another color if you wish to obtain the same effect. Read on for more information. And, don’t forget to ask for a sample!

MESGO Iride Colors

MESGO Iride Colors is a company that manufactures color masterbatches. The company was founded in 1989 and produces colorants, pigments, and additives for thermoplastic compounds, silicone, and rubber. The company also offers process aids for plastics manufacturers, such as halogenated flamm retardants and hydrolysis stabilizers. Its expertise in the manufacturing of colorants and additives has benefited a variety of industries.

The company offers a wide range of color masterbatches that are available on all major polyolefin, PVC, and engineering polymer carriers. These are available with food contact certification. Some of these colors are also available on synthetic corks for wine bottles. These colors are produced through the extrusion foaming process on a variety of carrier materials, including Lotryl EMA and Arketane EVA.

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