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The non-carrier black masterbatch is a kind of black masterbatch without adding any resin as the carrier. It adopts imported carbon black with high blackness and brightness, and adds high-performance dispersing additives, suitable for adding in PE, PP, ABS, PS, PC, PVC injection molding, wire drawing process.

Performance: High Blackness, high brightness, uniform dispersion, strong coloring

Add proportion: according to customer needs for products, adjust their own add, recommended to add 1% -2%

Black masterbatch 30% Carbon black by Laicai Plastic Masterbatch Factory is a pigment carbon type of carbon black (30%) with LLDPE as carrier. It shows an excellent blackness, very good dispersion, ultraviolet resistant for outdoor applications, resistance to heat, strong coloring strength, tensile and shock strength and weathering properties. It is nontoxic and odorless. It is mainly used for injection and pelleting of middle and high grade PE, PP, ABS, HDPE and other plastic, as well as for blowing hand bag (HDPE + LDPE). A small amount is used for foaming, etc.


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