black masterbatch

Black masterbatch is a colorant used for plastic products produced by cabot corporation, carrier, auxiliary, filler and other materials through honey refining + twin-screw extrusion + single-screw granulation.

Appearance: 2.2*2.8 cylindrical black body or flat particles.

Application:Thermoplastic resin injection molding, pelletizing, platen, film blowing, wire, pipe, foaming and other processes.

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The usage of black masterbatch

Tt can be produced by stirring evenly with the raw materials (the raw materials with high water absorption such as ABS, PA and PC need to be baked)

The dosage of black masterbatch

The recommended dosage is 1%-4% (depending on the customer’s product requirements)


high black, high brightness, easy to disperse, can achieve high-gloss mirror effect. Environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, smoke-free, the product surface is smooth and shiny, solid color is stable, good toughness, no color spots and color patterns, etc., which not only reduces costs, saves additives, but also reduces plant site pollution

Technical parameters

Bulk specific gravity 25″C 950kg/m3 Melting point: 130-350°C Fat-dissolving: 15g/10min Moisture: 0.01%

Heat resistance of black masterbatch

PVC\PE temperature resistance 160-180°C, ABS\PS 250-280°C, PP\PA\PET above 280°C,generally the heat resistance time of the pigment is required to be 4-10 minutes, usually the higher the use temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time


25kg/bag, polyethylene white bag or paper-plastic laminating composite bag

Black masterbatch storage

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to sunlight and rain


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