Defoaming Masterbatch

Plastic defoaming masterbatch, also known as plastic desiccant, dehumidification masterbatch, and water-absorbing masterbatch, is widely used in the production process of plastic products such as injection molding, wire drawing, film blowing, and extubation.

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Product introduction

Plastic defoaming masterbatch is suitable for all kinds of enterprises that use PE and PP recycled plastics for product production. The trace moisture contained in raw materials has a very serious impact on the production of plastic products. Therefore, enterprises generally use additional drying equipment to dry plastics, which is a great waste of energy and manpower, and increases the cost of products.
With this masterbatch, all the problems such as bubbles, moiré, cracks and spots caused by moisture can be eliminated by simply adding it to the raw materials without any adjustment to the production process of the product, and it has no adverse effects on the physical and mechanical properties of the product. impact, save time and electricity, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. The masterbatch is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and harmless to human body.


The masterbatch can be directly mixed with the damp plastic raw material, and then the product can be processed and produced. If used in blow molding production, the addition ratio is 1.0% to 4.0%; if used in sheet and injection molding production, the addition ratio is 2% to 5%; the specific addition ratio should be determined by the user according to the moisture content of the plastic. .


Widely used in film products, bag products, sheet products and injection molding products, etc.

Technical indicators

Appearance off-white particles;
good plasticization;
Density: (g/cm3) 1.5±0.1;
Melt flow rate (g/10min) 15.0~25.0;
Volatile matter (%) 1.5±0.5.


1. The masterbatch should avoid moisture absorption before use;
2. When using, it is better to use the ingredients immediately;
3. Do not heat and dry with damp plastics, so as not to cause poor quality during processing;
4. Before opening the package, check whether the package is in good condition, and seal the unused masterbatch as soon as possible.

Storage conditions

Store in a clean and ventilated, dry, cool and clean place. The masterbatch package is not allowed to be damaged and stored in the open, and avoid sunlight and rain.

Product packaging

The outer packaging adopts paper-plastic composite packaging bags, and the inner packaging adopts plastic packaging bags. The net weight of each bag is 25 kg. The inner packaging is divided into 5 small bags, each of which is 5 kg. Or use a carton with 5 packs of 5kg each, vacuum packed.

Shelf life

Half a year from the date of production.



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