Toyocolor Liquid Masterbatch is a dispersant used in the manufacture of paint. It disperses pigments and additives in a liquid medium, offering superior distribution performance. Designed for transparent and light colors, Toyocolor Liquid Masterbatch also conforms to US Food and Drug Administration requirements and provides stable quality. Read on to learn more. Toyocolor Liquid Masterbatch is available in a wide range of colors, enabling you to create vibrant and effective products.

MESGO Iride Colors

MESGO Iride Colors master-batches are the perfect solution for colorants and pigments in rubber composites. They disperse easily in rubber compounds processed through a rolling mill. The company offers master-batches in standard shades and custom-specified colors for a complete range of applications. In order to get the exact colors you require, you can measure the required amounts of each color and order a custom color for your application.

In 2013, MESGO acquired the Italian company Iride Colors Srl, a company that has been active since 1989. Iride Colors produced silicone, rubber and plastic additives. Since then, the company has expanded its product range to include pigment masterbatches and silicone additives. The company provides its customers with unsurpassed technical support and quality assurance. The company’s product range includes silicone and thermoplastic additives, performance additives, and process aids.


Americhem’s masterbatches are designed for a variety of industrial applications. In the process of manufacturing products, these additives are mixed with raw materials in a blender. Once blended, they feed into molding and extrusion equipment. Since each application is unique, Americhem offers a variety of masterbatches to suit a particular industry. Listed below are the benefits of Americhem masterbatches.

The market report covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and the U.S. It analyzes market size for the Masterbatches industry in each of these regions, along with key companies in each region. The report also outlines market shares by type, application, and region. The report explains the key trends and drivers affecting the market, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Americhem manufactures color and additive masterbatches for the global automotive and transportation industries. Designed for specific needs, its products include single pigment dispersions, colour and additive concentrates, and custom compounds. In addition to color, Americhem also produces UV stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, optical brighteners, anti-microbials, and nucleating agents. These additives are formulated to meet a variety of industry needs, from automotive paints to elastomers.

Americhem has 11 manufacturing facilities across the world and maintains sales offices in over 50 countries. The acquisition of Controlled Polymers by Americhem will enhance Americhem’s global reach, service capabilities, and technical expertise. Moreover, Controlled Polymers has extensive expertise in medical compounds and masterbatches. As a result, the company will be able to offer innovative solutions to a variety of markets. Americhem will also gain access to a global customer base.

Americhem recently introduced the next generation of mini-pellet masterbatches called dSperse. This new micro-pellet masterbatch form offers enhanced consistency and distribution while lowering letdown rates. In addition to reducing energy and floor space, dSperse is designed to help bottle converters improve efficiency and process performance. If dSperse is a success, the bottle converter will reap significant benefits.


If you need a color masterbatch for a MESGO iride product, you’ve come to the right place. MESGO Iride Colors offers a complete line of masterbatches including standard shades and custom color masterbatches. These products help you achieve the desired color in a specific application, and you can even request custom colors based on your unique requirements. Before selecting the perfect masterbatches, though, make sure to check the manufacturer’s tolerances.

MESGO has been committed to designing customised solutions for its customers. Their broad portfolio of products includes standard and special elastomers, thermoplastics, additives and pigment masterbatches. The company has recently opened its own Corporate R&D center that is dedicated to supporting technical staff. This facility is equipped to conduct chemical-physical analyses of raw materials, compounds, and finished articles. MESGO’s R&D team is ready to assist you in any project.

Hexpol has acquired 80% of the company’s shares. The remainder of the shares are held by the Caldara family. Mesgo, an Italian compounding company, has 180 employees and operates plants in Italy, Turkey, and Poland. Its products are used in industries including consumer goods, transportation, and industrial products. The company has a range of silicone masterbatches and additives. Mesgo Iride Colors is available through Nordmann.

MESGO XP6801D black masterbatch

Cabot Corporation is the industry leader when it comes to black masterbatch solutions. Its PLASBLAK XP6801D black masterbatch contains SAN, allowing for excellent color performance, mechanical properties, and UV resistance with low masterbatch concentration. It is also FDA-compliant and has excellent environmental credentials. In addition, this SAN-based black masterbatch contains no VOCs, thereby contributing to reduced GHG emissions.

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